Metal processing, must keep up with changing trends and use the latest technology available. Thanks to the implementation of modern solutions and the use of advanced machinery, we have achieved the simplification of the whole process of processing both light metals and their heavier counterparts. Frezamet BIS offers professional machining.

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Machining is one of the most commonly used material shaping technologies. It forms a group of methods whose common feature is the shaping of plastics or the working of metals by shearing (milling, turning) or abrading (grinding) the surface layer.

  • turning
  • milling
  • drilling
  • threading

What is CNC machining?

Machining involves giving a defined shape, dimensions and surface smoothness to the workpiece. This effect is achieved by removing a layer of material from the workpiece using cutting tools. The material removed is called the machining allowance. Its cutting takes place as a result of the reciprocal movement of the tool in relation to the workpiece. Modern machines operate on the basis of computerised control systems, which allow this work to be automated and, consequently, the serial and extremely precise production of various types of components for many industries.